Option B

Title: Option B

Recommendation: 7.6/10


We can be certain of death, taxes…and option a falling through at some point.

When that happens and grief and sadness appear, how do you support yourself, your friends, and family? This is a question I’ve historically danced with while avoiding direct eye contact.

Primarily told from the perspective of Sheryl Sandberg, who unexpectedly lost her husband, I appreciated the first-hand perspective on how to personally build resilience when facing adversity; and encourage resilience within friends & colleagues.

Specific to hurt and loss, one of the biggest misconceptions I had was that conversations on the subject were to be avoided. However, research presented in this book overwhelmingly showed that silence is crippling for victims of tragedy.

They want to know they’re not crazy for feeling hurt and that they’re supported.

If you’re close to them, don’t shy away from being direct and really understand how they’re doing – in the rare cases they don’t want to talk about it they’ll let you know.

You and I, our friends and families, humans – we all want to feel seen and heard.


Try, “I acknowledge your pain. I am here with you.” As a superior alternative to, “It will all be okay.” Because you don’t know it will all be okay. And it might not be okay.

Listen to the grieving, the hurt, the broken.

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