Keystone Habits

Playing a key role, something we all desire.

In the animal kingdom there are specific animals known as keystone species. These species have a disproportionate impact on their environment.

If removed, it sets off a chain of events that turn the structure and biodiversity of the habitat into something very different.

There are some really interesting examples of this

Similarly, in order to maintain a habit or achieve something new there are keystone habits that need to be maintained.

Maybe for you that’s waking up at a specific time, and when that is removed everything else is negatively impacted.

Or maybe that’s being honest with how you’re feeling, and when that’s removed explosive bursts or recoiling follow.

How often do you find yourself expecting an outcome without supporting the keystone habit?

It’s surprisingly easy.

But don’t be fooled by allowing key habits to run contrary to your expectations.

Photo by zero take on Unsplash.

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