Communicating Expectations

I’m about to ask you a direct question…

This is potentially disturbing…

Warning, may contain flashing images…

These are all expectations that have been set to ensure you have a better experience.

Yet, how often do we communicate expectations around our feelings?

“Before we go much further, I just wanted to make you aware I’m feeling really tired, upset, etc.”

When acknowledged internally or externally this information can help guide to better outcomes; avoiding blindsiding yourself, and others.

Of course, this doesn’t mean just because you’ve said you’d be unpleasant it’s okay to be unpleasant. Rather knowing how you’re feeling can help you work towards a better solution.

Which might be postponing a conversation, taking a nap, or getting some In-N-Out.

For yourself and others, consider communicating these expectations.

Photo by Allyson Beaucourt on Unsplash.

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