The Cost Of Social Media

It’s easy to associate expenses with green paper that has the face of a past president on it.

However, the words you didn’t say, those extra bites you shouldn’t have eaten, and the resentment you hold in your heart are often much more expensive than any stack of Benjamins you part with.

A few weeks ago I had a wonderful day. I spent quality time with people I loved, laughed, cried, and celebrated with them.

As I was ending the day I got on social media for 30 minutes.

I got stuck in what we now refer to as “doom scrolling” on a particularly depressing topic and it soured the ending to an otherwise fantastic day.

Those 30 minutes were expensive. More expensive than I was willing to pay for.

So I’ve been deleting social media apps off of my phone entirely and re-downloading once every few weeks.

You may have remembered a time where I used the Instagram timer, a fantastic feature.

However, personally, I’ve realized it’s better to quit entirely then to try and open and close the drop of dopamine that hits with every scroll.

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