Free Idea For Home Depot

Paint matching, but for wood.

Every year flooring designs are cycled in and out.

With bated breath, Home Depot employees across the nation await the occasion.

Yet for the consumer, this is an event filled with dread.

Any remodeling or repairs on flooring that’s older than a year is likely unavailable.

The consumer is left with two options. Either try and hunt down the flooring that you had previously, 1% chance of success, OR redo the entire flooring.

Because the padding for floorings is fairly straightforward, differentiated primarily by width and connection design (snap, glue, etc), imagine a world where flooring was easily matched.

Paint matching, but for wood.

Now if you love the flooring for an entire level of your home and it gets damaged and was purchased several years ago, you have a solution.

This pain, although felt by both remodeling and repair work, is most acutely felt by repairs as they often are just taking out a small bit of flooring.

Would the cost of providing such a service justify its existence?

What is the level of consumer demand for this service?

Is printing on top of flooring a viable option?

That is for you to uncover, Home Depot.

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  1. Abby Beeli says:

    So the home remodel continues… 😅


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