Another Perspective On: “I Think Therefore I Am”

“I think therefore I am.”

This iconic individualistic statement originated from René Descartes is likely familiar to you.

However, it might be inherently false.

Let’s look at an alternative perspectives provided by Martin Heidegger.

As context, Martin was a philosopher.

Martin makes the point that Descartes was fundamentally only able to formulate the thought “I think therefore I am” because he acquired the language, as well as inspiration for the statement, from others.

Which is to say, he did not conjure them from a separate, individualized “I.”

So now the question to you reader, do you think René Descartes would have thought of the phrase “I think therefore I am” on his own? Consider the answer and how it impacts your view of his iconic phrase.

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash.

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