Why Drop The Fear Of Creating Something Mediocre?

This post is inspired by Malcolm Gladwell, whether you love him or not.

Firstly, in true Malcolm fashion I must address something unrelated to the primary point of this article and that is: I love the way he presents information through stories.

It’s incredibly captivating.

Although the type of stories is often inherently interesting, because what is overlooked tends to be surprising generally, but his delivery is also engaging and the dialog is just fantastic.

I’m laughing and on the edge of my seat, all in a matter of moments.

Shameless plug, go check out Malcolm Gladwell.

One of theories that Malcolm is a proponent if is the idea that geniuses are people who generate a LOT more ideas than the average person.

You might generate 10 ideas and have 1-2 good ones, a “genius” generates 100 and might have 10-20 good ones.

If you look at the huge portfolio of various renowned “geniuses” like Da Vinci, Beethoven, etc. the theory holds up.

Of course it also goes to say if you try more the more likely you are to have successes.

And you might think, “Wow, stating the obvious.”

But this struck me as worthwhile not just because hard work beats out talent, or that the “geniuses” were really just people who worked really hard.

What I found particularly important was experimenting, trying, creating, just putting yourself out-there is a small victory by itself.

All to say, don’t be afraid of creating bad work.

Be afraid of not creating.

Photo by Allec Gomes on Unsplash.

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